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Small Projects In 60 Minutes

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  • Research
  • Social
  • Domestic
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Our course is based on PerformWork's project management model, which has been specifically designed to help you manage small projects and includes:

  • Introduction
  • What is a project
  • What is a small project
  • The PerformWork Model
  • Workflow
  • Pre-Project
  • Planning
  • Initiation
  • Production
  • Completion & Hand Over
  • Review

The course is delivered in bite size lessons.

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"The course is incredibly useful as a launchpad to managing a small project. Highly recommended" MT

"Very Good. Highly recommended" DT
"The course itself is packed with useful information and is fun to work through without feeling like a wall of text to get through. Recommended" PC
NB. PC Thought the audio needed stop and rewind functions, yes, you now have pause and rewind audio options.
"This course truly covers managing a project and made me think about aspects of the process that I would not have thought of before. Highly recommended" SBT
"Considering I knew nothing about projects before the course, I’ve come away with a much greater understanding. I liked that it was short, as a lot of people don’t have the time to sit for hours on end. It delivers a lot of the necessary information in a short period of time which is great! Highly recommended" JJ

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To help you learn quickly, each lesson only takes a few minutes

You can pause at any point
Repeat any lesson.

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For easy listening, each lesson has been recorded by a professional voice over, audio includes pause and rewind.

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Short test with 25 multiple choice questions.

After completing the test you can print a course completion certificate.

Use Our Handy Check Lists

Great memory joggers.

Keep a copy on your desk to remind you what you should be doing.

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The PerformWork Model Covers








How Long



Define what is to be done


Assigning Work

Who's doing what

Monitor Progress

Everything going to plan

Exception Handling

Resolving issues



Check everything

Hand Over

Have you delivered what was expected


Lessons Learned

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